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Cascade's customers

Cascade consistently receives very high satisfaction from our customers. Gartner even called us the "nicest" in the industry! Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to our customers day in and day out.

Cascade provides services to businesses, institutions, and government agencies. Clients include Fortune 500 companies with national asset retirement demands to small businesses closer to our processing facilities. Cascade also works with our business and organizational customers to collect electronics from their employees for recycling.


Cascade tends to attract institutions from industries with a high demand for secure data destruction, environmentally responsible disposal and competitive recovery values generated from reusable assets. We are our customers’ one-stop-shop. We handle good & bad equipment to make the retirement process easy, so that institutions can focus on their core competencies.

Cascade also partners with value added resellers and recycling haulers who collect and consolidate their customers' equipment for processing by Cascade.

Since we began work in 1999, Cascade has processed equipment for over 1,000 unique institutions and more than 15,000 individuals.

On a regular basis, Cascade surveys our customers to learn more about their IT Asset Disposition needs and to allow us to collect feedback based on our service to them. At every pickup, clients are invited to complete a feedback survey. In addition, we solicit more detailed information from every customer we performed work for during the previous year. Here’s what we learned:

Some comments about Cascade:

  • “Exceptional professionalism and customer service”
  • “The Cascade employees who handled our computer equipment disposal were extremely helpful!"
  • "Cascade Asset Management is an affordable, efficient and secure way to rid your work site of unwanted and/or obsolete IT assets. "
  • “The customer service very good and the pickup process was fast and easy. Highly recommended.”
  • "Always very professional and timely. Really impressed with Cascade."

Top aspects they now value from Cascade:

  • Shredding of hard drives at Cascade
  • Electronic data wiping of media at Cascade
  • List of make, model, serial number, etc. of assets sent to Cascade for processing
  • Archives of reports and Certificates of Destruction available online
  • Web based reporting of processing activities
  • Inventory of assets before they leave my building

Other interesting statistics:

  • 43.6% of respondents said Cascade could do “nothing” to improve its services (the others had some great ideas to make us even better); and,
  • 100% of our customers surveyed said they are satisfied with Cascade’s services, with 82.1% identifying themselves as “very satisfied."

Because we value our customer’s privacy, we don’t list their logos on our website. Still, many of them have allowed us to share their stories with others and have made themselves available as references for us. In an industry where trust and reputation are invaluable assets, we encourage you to learn more about our customers’ stories about how we provided a better IT asset retirement solution to them and earned their trust and respect. You can view a summary listing of all responses to the web survey for more information.

Listen to what some customers have said about Cascade:

Learn more about all of Cascade's Reporting Options and how they provide the most convenient and thorough asset tracking and disposition service available.