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Cascade supports diversity

Cascade is proud to promote diversity and support minority and women owned businesses. We were started as a minority/woman-owned business with Jessica Peters-Michaud as one of our original founders. She has since left day to day management of the company, but continues to serve as Managing Member of the LLC, particpates in the Operating Committee and Advisory Board, and is a majority owner in the company. For federal government and many individual businesses, Cascade is listed as a Minority/Woman-owned business.

In the past, Cascade was certified as a MBE by the National Minority Supplier Development Council and the State of Wisconsin Supplier Diversity Program. We chose to allow those certifications to lapse in 2016.

Cascade works to promote diversity spend by our customers and ourselves. To faciliate work with minority owned businesses we encourage others to look up these resources:

Cascade promotes diversity in its workforce, supply chain and charitable programs. We are proud of our diverse workforce where more than a dozen languages are spoken and our differences become our strength. Our company follows an Affirmative Action program for hiring and employee retention. We look for suppliers from diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged groups. Cascade participates and funds community programs based on employee suggestions to help ensure we give back to support others in their work and needs. Learn more about careers at Cascade.