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Mission, vision & policies

In a nutshell, we Cascade information technology to its next best use.


Our Mission
Cascade Asset Management, LLC provides the most secure, responsible and valuable IT asset disposition services available to businesses and institutions.


Our Values and Vision
In order to accomplish our vision, we endeavor to:

  1. Consistently meet each customer’s expectations by providing friendly, professional, prompt, and accurate service.
  2. Be recognized as an industry leader with best in class service.
  3. Establish strategic partnerships with vendors who meet our strict service, security and environmental quality standards.
  4. Integrate and promote environmental sustainability and social justice in all that we do, to ensure we leave the world better prepared for the needs of the future.
  5. Manage the operations of Cascade to optimize profits for ourselves and our clients while building the long-term value of the company.
  6. Transfer our expertise to additional markets across the country while maintaining our local focus and commitment to our values and vision.


Quality Policy Statement
Cascade recognizes that Quality is the key to our success and the foundation of our business.

Quality means understanding customer requirements, legal mandates, relevant industry programs, and internal standards and consistently meeting these demands. In order to perform at this level, we must implement simple, clear and consistent processes. We also must measure our performance to purposeful internal metrics, and ultimately to customer satisfaction.

We aim to always improve our systems and services by working together to solve problems, meet challenges, delight customers, and be proud of our work at Cascade.

Environmental Management System Policy Statement
Cascade fundamentally believes in the importance of environmental sustainability and social justice and promotes it through our business by: 

  • Optimizing the resource potential of electronic assets from the time they are retired by our customers until they reach their next best use;
  • Preventing the transboundary movement of Hazardous Electronic Waste, Problematic Components and Materials, and other e-waste which violates laws in countries involved and international and regional treaties, throughout the Recycling Chain;
  • Integrating social accountability values within our organization and through our partners, including the explicit prohibition of prison operations, child labor or forced labor used to perform any work related to Cascade ; and,
  • Committing to continual improvement, prevention of pollution and compliance with applicable environmental regulatory requirements.


Security Policy Statement
Through our people, processes and technology, Cascade Asset Management is committed to ensuring the physical security and confidentiality of data for our customers and ourselves. Cascade will:

  • Follow all applicable laws regarding data security and privacy protection;
  • Design, implement and enforce security measures which meet industry best practices and any agreed upon requirements of our customers;
  • Regularly assess, document, and mitigate risks to our customers and Cascade; and,
  • Advance our culture of security among our staff, partners, customers and vendors.


Health & Safety Policy Statement

Cascade Asset Management is committed to provide a safe and healthful workplace that seeks to prevent injury and illness to all people impacted by our activities. Management will be actively involved with employees in establishing and maintaining an effective safety program. This entails providing safety and health education and training, as well as reviewing and updating workplace safety rules in compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices in the industry, and allocating sufficient resources to protect health and safety. Compliance with the safety rules is required of all employees, and the promotion of a safety culture at Cascade is a priority of the company.


Cascade's Mission, Vision and Policy Statements were last reviewed and approved by Cascade's Core Team (top management) on June 11, 2018.