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Madison Open House - June 22, 2016

Cascade hosted an Open House at its Madison, WI facility on June 22, 2016. The event was attended by more than 40 businesses and institutions and it included facility tours, workshops, networking opportunities, demonstrations, food and more. Look below at pictures of the event and download copies of the presentations.

Event Highlights & Links to More Information

Seminars and Guest Speakers

Cascade hosted two workshops during the event. The morning session, featuring Derek Laczniak and TJ Barelmann, covered the topics of Cyber Security and Secure Data Destruction. The afternoon session, featuring Nathan Nissen of the Kohler Company and Neil Peters-Michaud and Donald Townsend of Cascade, covered the topic of value creation from responsible IT asset reuse and recycling.

Derek Laczniak, M3 Insurance

Derek spoke about Cyber Security and best practices in risk mitigation strategies and what to do in the event of a suspected breach. Download his presentation.

TJ Barelmann, Cascade

TJ explained how the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization provide a comprehensive data destruction methodology that you can use to develop and maintain a privacy protection program. Download his presentation.

Nathan Nissen, Kohler Company

Nathan spoke about how they approach sustainability and also use the positve environmental impact of its electronics recycling program to support corporate goals and build interest from its associates. Download his presentation.

Donald Townsend, Cascade

Donald provided background information on Cascade's repair processes and explained the free repair resources of iFixit to help people repair virtually anything. Download his presentation.

Learn more about our speakers

Speaker bios and links to their contact information are presented here.

Neil Peters-Michaud, Cascade

Neil provided information about assessing the cost and value of IT asset throughout their lifecycle by talking about Total Cost of Ownership concepts and how to use a modeling tool to assist with determining Equivalent Annual Costs and the optimal period to refresh IT assets. Download his presentation.

Additional Resources from the Event

Cascade provided demonstrations of the following services. Click on the links for more information.

  • On-site Media Destruction — Cascade technicians explained different options to destroy your hard drives and other media at your facility. Cascade demonstrated our hard drive crusher, SSD destruction apparatus, and media degausser. We also presented options for the secure collection and transport of your media by Cascade for further destruction.
  • Smart Phone Sanitization— All cell phones are not made the same, and the process to effectively destroy the data from these phones is different as well. Cascade demonstrated how it sanitizes data on these phones and validates a successful clearing process. We also showed how you can meet the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization as you redeploy and retire your smart phones.
  • Cascade-Tracker Online Reporting Tool — Guests were able to see how to access their asset disposition reports from our on-demand reporting tool. You can search, export and print your historical asset retirement data from the “Tracker.”
  • Reselling Reusable Equipment— People talked with our resale manager about what happens with your reusable equipment. The “Cascade Marketplace” features even more products and deals on refurbished equipment that we can make available to your employees (and take the pressure off you and your IT staff).
  • Turning Recyclable Scrap into Raw Materials — Cascade’s Compliance Coordinator was available to answer questions about what happens after Cascade separates end of life electronics into more than 50 different recoverable commodity streams.
  • Service Information Desk—Cascade representatives shared information about the wide variety of services available from Cascade to assist you with the Safe & Sound disposition of your IT equipment. We included details on employee computer collection events, donation programs, lease return services, asset moves, and more.

Lunch & Learn

Cascade cooked out some food and hosted some networking sessions during the noon hour. Here are links to these resources:

  • Data Security Training: As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction, Cascade can offer your organization training resources and tools to help you comply with industry security requirements. At this session, we showed the 14 minute training video you can use at your business (here's a short trailer of the video). Contact us if you would like Cascade to share this video or other training materials with you.
  • Environmental Roundtable: Cascade shared a recent news story about the BAN e-Transparency project tracking the flow of e-waste dropped off at U.S. recycling facilities. More information about this current development is posted on Cascade's web site.

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