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Downstream recycling partners

If you need an account of asset disposition activity for financial reporting, to demonstrate compliance with data security regulations or to prove lawful disposition of e-waste, Cascade can provide a flexible and affordable solution.

We create mutually beneficial, ethical and loyal partnerships with our downstream processors

Cascade contracts out for certain recycling and hazardous materials processing of equipment we generate from our demanufacturing and other processing activities. As a Certified E-Stewards Recycler, we not only need to ensure Cascade is safe and responsible with how we handle electronic waste, but we need to verify that all our recycling partners meet the rigorous standards of the e-Stewards processed to ensure no hazardous e-waste is dumped on developing countries or processed in a manner that is unsafe to human health and the environment.

All of our downstream processors that handle hazardous electronic waste or problematic components and materials are evaluated against our business requirements. Cascade also performs on-site auditsto verify compliance. The questions we ask include the following:

  • Are any materials exported throughout any part of the recycling chain?
  • Can evidence be provided that all exports/imports/country transitions are done legally?
  • Are any reuse/refurbishment activities outsourced to another processor?
  • Are any data security services conducted (e.g. hard drive sanitization)?
  • Is prison labor or child labor used anywhere in the recycling chain?
  • Can/will you provide proof of insurance and required permits?
  • Can/will you provide shipping records upon request for confirmation of transfer of commodities to declared downstream processors, if applicable?
  • Can/will you assist Cascade in acquiring audit materials for downstream processors? (Cascade needs the basic information described above for all facilities in the recycling chain)
  • Do you have any relevant certifications (e-Stewards, ISO 9001, NAID AAA, R2, etc).

Cascade itself is ISO 14001 Certified and is e-Stewards Certified. We also follow the requirements for NAID Certification. We expect all processors and partners under contract with us to meet the applicable requirements of these standards, though they need not be certified in these standards themselves.

If you are able to meet our requirements and would like more details on partnering with Cascade for demanufacturing services, please contact us:

Justin Shrader
Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator


Neil Peters-Michaud