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Cascade customer testimonials

Because we partner with our customers to help them optimize their IT asset management programs, we share a mutual interest in their well being. Our customers engage with Cascade through Open House events (pictured above) and in many other collaboration activities.


We appreciate feedback from our customers and are proud to share some of their comments. They speak to Cascade's level of service that is second to none in the industry. Note, all testimonials listed here have been authorized to be published. Read more about our customer feedback surveys here.


"A pleasure to work with and results are always positive. We had a new team today and they were very professional and took control to get everything organized and loaded." - from onsite customer survey, 2018

"The onsite collection team that completed this pick up for us was outstanding! They were both a pleasure to work with and were extremely helpful throughout the process. I wouldn't have expected the pickup to be anything except a straight forward transactional process but Derrick and Preston's work-ethic and attitudes were beyond great and made this stick out in my mind as a shining example of excellent customer service - something oh so rare these days. If I could rate the job they did any higher, I would. Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations! - on a side note, working with our rep, Kristina, is always a pleasure as well!" - from onsite customer survey, 2018

"The team made some great suggestions about things for us to do differently next time that will smooth the process and reduce the time - looking forward to it!" - from onsite customer survey, 2018

“Cascade was wonderful. From educating us on their process to ensure they had the proper services to meet our needs, to being flexible on scheduling, we really enjoyed our experience. They were quick on the destruction of our data and getting us their certificate of destruction. I really enjoyed working with each member of their team as they coordinated with one another well to ensure that we had our needs met.” – Aaron Williams, Market Street Wealth Management, 2017

“I know that when Cascade picks up our HW and HDDs for disposal, our company is in good hands. Cascade understands the importance of security and compliance.” – Terri Deist, CDW, 2017

“Cascade has consistently provided excellent customer service and quality documentation of all of our business assets. I will continue to utilize their services and recommend them to other colleagues and business partners.” - Anne Saeugling-Coke, Terra Firma Realty, 2017

"I am really satisfied and sometimes wowed with the level of service we receive from Cascade. It makes asset disposal easy." - Anonymous, from 2017 customer survey.

"I haven't worked with Cascade to know ALL about the services they offer. What I do know is that they have provided excellent customer service and great documentation for all assets received from our company. Thank you!" - Anonymous, from 2017 customer survey

"When our IT assets leave the building with Cascade I have every confidence they are secure. Thank you!" - Cass Hussey, CDW, 2016

“Always very professional and timely. Really impressed with Cascade.” - Dan Capadona, Care Wisconsin, 2015

“Cascade Asset Management is an affordable, efficient and secure way to rid your work site of unwanted and/or obsolete IT assets. The customer service very good and the pickup process was fast and easy. Highly recommended.” - Lucas Weaver, Aerovex Systems, 2015

“Cascade is a wonderful company to work with. The personnel are all very friendly and helpful and it makes me feel good knowing our computer equipment is not going to end up in some landfill somewhere.” - Mary Powers, Rite-Hite Corporation, 2015

“The Cascade employees who handled our computer equipment disposal were extremely helpful!” - Sue Cowan, Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, 2015

“The staff was awesome from beginning to end! Marla Waugh who facilitated the disposal, to the crew on the dock, everyone was happy and professional. They truly made the disposal a high point of the day!!! Thank you all!!” - Jason, Aquire Restoration, 2015

“I have used Cascade for many years and have been very pleased with the quality of the service. I can sleep at night knowing Cascade has my back when it comes to securing and properly disposing of my obsolete assets in an environmentally friendly manner.” - Bret Mantey, City of Waukesha (WI), 2014

“I was highly impressed with the timely and professional manner in which our disposal needs were met.  The entire experience was much easier than I would have thought possible.” - Mark Olson, Restore Health Pharmacy. 2014

“I have been using Cascade for many years to dispose of our older technology.  The staff have always been completely professional and, even more importantly, extremely friendly and helpful. Whether I have them come and pick up or meet me at the loading dock of their facility, they have been a complete pleasure to work with.  Add that to the knowledge that my data will be securely destroyed  and I couldn't be happier.” - Sheryl Rucker, Edgerton Hospital (WI), 2014

“Cascade does an excellent job with customer service from the top down.  Marla is very efficient in emails and on the phone.  The drivers that come to the office are well dressed and pleasant to work with.  Thank you for your service to our company!” - Adele Bodden, QBE (WI), 2014

“Have been very pleased with Cascade.  They do a great job of tracking assets, and documentation of assets.  If we miss a hard drive in equipment they contact us promptly and handle item properly.  Also were very pleased with the payment received when items can be resold.” - Jim O’Neill, Marathon County (WI) 2014

“We appreciate having Cascade's IT Assets Disposal Service located right here in Madison, and feel confident any business information is being erased from the hard drives while the equipment is being recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.” - Judy Hofrichter, Sierra Club (WI) 2014

“Cascade is a great business partner!  They adjust to our needs and keep our business information safe!” - Nadine Murphy, Franciscan Alliance, (IN) 2014

“I have worked with Cascade Asset Management for over 10 years and never had any issues.  They have consistently been easy to work with and have always provided a high level of assurance that our assets are being processed or disposed of in a very secure, consistent and ethical manner.” - Gary Statz, CUNA Mutual (WI) 2014

“Cascade makes asset disposal easy and lifts the anxiety that data may be missed by our tools as they make a second pass at cleansing for us.” - Dawn Sericati, Washington County (WI) 2014

“Cascade is safe, reliable, responsive and on time.” – Tom Klingbiel, Facilities Management Department,  Intervarsity, Madison, WI, 2014

“Cascade – trustworthy – wouldn’t go to anyone else.” – Mary Powers, IT Department, Rite-Hite Corporation, Milwaukee, WI, 2014

“I was very pleased with the speed and professionalism of your pickup. We had a large amount of e-waste, and your crew quickly scooped it all up in the bins and trucked it all away. Very smooth service, indeed.” – Brad Foskett, Wisconsin Realtors Association, Madison, WI, 2014

“Cascade is an essential extension of our company's team. Whether it's a handoff or a pass, Cascade's hands are ready to take the ball into the end zone.” – Chris Cook, Wisconsin Bankers Association, Madison, WI, 2014

"Cascade...dependable and trustworthy..environmental safe..a great company to work with." --Mary Powers, Rite-Hite Corporation, 2012

"I've been very pleased for a number of years with Cascade's service, and see them as a trusted vendor." --Don Johnston, U.S. Venture, Inc., 2012

"Cascade provides a simple, focused, innovative solution to our complex IT assets disposition problem in our heavily-regulated industry." --Steve Worland, Humana, 2012

"Cascade makes our IT disposal simple. We call and it's gone. When we get a rebate check - bonus!" --unspecified, 2012

"Cascade is very easy to deal with and they make sure that you are confident that both the device and data are destroyed in a safe and secure method." --Pete Barker, WI DNR, 2012

"While researching an asset management company to dispose of old equipment at a site in a different state, I came to find out the services offered and cost savings associate with that equipment were far superior to any third party/OEM vendor I had found. The staff I was involved with during the process made it absolutely painless. I'll be sure to use Cascade again." --Brad Iverson, SSM Integrated Technologies, 2012

"I would recommend Cascade for your electronics recycling needs. Everyone I have had contact with is very caring. They like their jobs and it shows in their customer service." --Mary White, Meriter Hospital, 2012

“Cascade was the only company I found that could do a turn-key job while providing us with thorough and fully accountable reporting to demonstrate our compliance with both US and Canadian environmental requirements. We’re extremely pleased with Cascade’s quality people and their efficient processes which helped make this project a success.” --Karl Kuykendall, De-Commissioning Manager, CARQUEST, 2007

“Cascade takes the worry out of IT product destruction. They are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.” --Angela Gelfano, Information Services Director, City of Beloit, 2007

"Cascade has been wonderful to work with. Their willingness to work with us in finding solutions to our recycling issues has been great. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a partner in your recycling of old and used equipment." --Murray Barrentine, IT Services, Telephone & Data Systems "TDS", 2007