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The Cascade Experience

Our corporate culture is something that has to be experienced
Cascade has been able to create an amazing synergy because we have a group of people all committed to being the best and doing the right thing. Cascade’s “all hands on deck” and “lead by example” approach is the inspiration for our employee and customer focused culture.  At Cascade, we carefully select team members for their “fit” with our organization.

Easing the Balancing Act
At Cascade we understand that our greatest asset is our people and healthy, happy people have a balance in their lives between work and home. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of family to our employees and we want people to feel that Cascade can enrich their experience with their families. Cascade sponsors several employee appreciation events each year, allowing our employees to celebrate their successes with people from both their personal and professional life. 

Maximize Your Potential
One thing you’ll notice about Cascade is the level of support and development we promote for all employees.  This creates a nurturing environment where individuals are empowered to perform at their very best. Our focus on internal advancement allows us to recognize and invest in employees’ talents to develop future company leaders.

As part of the Cascade team you’ll be challenged to perform your best. You will also be supported and encouraged. Personal development plans, mentoring for new employees, and ongoing coaching are also available to help employees expand their role within the organization.

Embracing Diversity
It is our differences that bring us together at Cascade. With employees originating from all corners of the globe; diversity a hallmark of our success.  We are a company with approximately 70 employees but there are 7 different languages spoken.  As a result, we've sponsored English as a Second Language (ESL) classes on site for those employees interested in improving their English skills at work or in the community and we also employ translation services to help ensure the best communications among all employees.

Cascade works actively to celebrate our diversity.  We maintain an Affirmative Action plan with ongoing targets for improving diversity throughout the company. Ideas and input are encouraged from all and we value the unique characteristics that each employee offers. Here, individuals are treated with respect, and appreciated for the important roles they play in Cascade’s success.

Making a Difference
Want to work for a place that is truly making a difference?

At Cascade we’re not just saying the right things – we’re doing them every day.  Cascade fosters initiatives such as incorporating green building techniques into Cascade facilities, setting lofty recycling goals, and working to prevent the export of hazardous materials to developing countries. These efforts encourage a cohesive work atmosphere, a sense of pride and personal investment, and collaboration among staff working for positive change within the company, community, and global environment.