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Computer Donation Program

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Cascade has a limited number of computers and peripherals available for non-profit organizations affiliated with, or referred by, our corporate customers. Learn more about how enterprises can support non-profits through a Cascade coordinated donation program.

Cascade Asset Management endeavors to place only usable and wanted computer equipment with non-profit agencies. Prior to being placed with an agency, the items will undergo several tests to help ensure their usability. Cascade will install a fully licensed Windows 7 operating system on all donated computers (through the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program) for a $15 administrative fee. Additional software is not available from Cascade, but please look for low-cost software available to charities only at TechSoup. Charities are responsible for picking up equipment or shipping costs to receive equipment. All items come with a 45 day warranty from Cascade.

Disbursal of equipment: Cascade expects that demand for high end computers and hard to find peripherals will exceed our supply. Thus, we have developed a system for disbursal of the equipment. In situations where we cannot fill all requests, we will meet requests on a first come, first served basis, with a limit of 5 items per organization. Once each organization has received their request for equipment (up to 5 items), we will begin filling requests from organizations that exceed 5 units. Any questions about this procedure can be directed to Neil at Cascade, 608-222-4800.

Please complete this form to initiate a donation request for computer equipment from Cascade. This request does not guarantee that we can fulfill your request, but we do promise to get in touch with you to help out as best we can.

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Please tell us more about your organization and how this computer donation will further your mission.
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Desktop PC:

Desktop tower computer: Dual-Core PC - 2.2Ghz / 1GB RAM / 80GB HDD / DVD-RW. Keyboard and mouse included. Windows 7 installed (refurbisher license)


Ultra Portable - 1.4GHz / 512MB RAM / 40GB / WiFi / NO optical (CD) drive


LCD Monitor:

17" LCD monitor, black frame

Other Items (please describe and estimate quantity):