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IT Asset Disposition resources for healthcare

Cascade has extensive experience working with healthcare clients and understands the unique needs you have for patient privacy, accountability, responsiveness, and value.

Use these tools to help your organization with reponsible IT Asset Disposition.

Healthcare organizations, and those institutions that handle personal health information, are under special obligation to protect the security of patient data as electronic storage devices are retired from use. In addition, in order to support the "do no harm" mission of the medical community, healthcare organizations also look to find environmentally responsible and safe disposal options for their IT equipment.

Cascade brings a wealth of experience in serving healthcare organizations across the United States and has been recognized by Healthcare without Harm as a Champion for Change. We recognize the unique needs of IT managers in the healthcare community and have developed programs and resources to enable you to implement compliant, secure and responsible IT Asset disposition solutions, while gaining the most value from your equipment.

If you are sending equipment to Cascade for processing, be sure to check our our Acceptance Guidelines for Healthcare Customers that includes more details on what we can and cannot take from the healthcare environment,

Below are some resources available to assist you in developing an IT Asset Disposition strategy as well as links to other valuable sources of information.


Available resources for the healthcare industry
Healthcare Needs Responsible ITAD: Read this post about new compliance requirements and OCR Phase 2 audit scopes that require organizations to integrate specific programs in their ITAD processes and programs.  
Sample IT Asset Control & Disposal Policy: This tool is helpful (and required by HIPAA) in creating standards and training for the organization in effective IT asset management and data security.  
HIPAA/HITECH Compliant Business Associate Agreement:Use this sample agreement for drafting the terms and conditions between HIPAA "Covered Entities" and "Business Associates" that potentially handle personal health information.
Presentation - IT Hardware Retirement, Best Practices in Healthcare - Regulations, Risks and Rewards: Presentation by Cascade's CEO at PDS Tech Conference on September 15, 2011
Sample Request for Proposals for IT Asset Retirement - Electronics Recycling Services: This is a comprehensive toolkit to help you ask the right questions to develop your ITAD business requirements and provides all of the elements to complete a Request for Proposals, including a pricing matrix, sample questions, timelines, baseline agreement, etc. Learn more here.
HIPAA Training Resources.Cascade, in partnership with the National Association for Information Destruction, can offer data disposal training resources for your organization and its employees. See this short video about the services and contact Cascade for more information.


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