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Information for Potential Buyers of Computer Product

Cascade is pleased to partner with other resellers and institutions to put our quality refurbished equipment back into the handsof people who can use them.

Cascade Asset Management provides IT Asset Disposition services for businesses and institutions throughout North America and prepares much of this equipment for resale to qualified buyers around the world.

All equipment is sold as tested, working product with a minimum of a 45 day warranty. Equipment is made available for sale to qualified buyers through our wholesale market. Potential buyers will be notified of available lots and will have the opportunity to bid on each lot or “buy it now.”

To participate in any bidding, a potential buyer must meet the following requirements, otherwise a bid will not be accepted from this buyer.

  • The buyer has completed a successful purchase with Cascade within the last twelve months and there has been no adverse change to the financial or operational standing of the firm;
  • The buyer has a valid resellers certificate on file with Cascade OR can provide a reseller certificate to Cascade within 24 hours of the award of a bid; and
    The buyer will be able to provide documentation that the equipment they purchase from Cascade will be destined for legitimate reuse. Documentation may consist of pictures of equipment sold in a store, copies of actual sales receipts, or letters/testimonials from users of computer product.
  • If a buyer has not made a purchase with Cascade within the last twelve months, then the buyer must:
    • Complete a credit application for Cascade and Cascade’s credit department must approve the application. The credit application must be completed and accepted within 24 hours of award of a bid. If the credit application is not completed and accepted within 24 hours, then Cascade has the right to rescind its offer and make the award to another buyer.
    • Remit a down payment via credit card, wire transfer or cash payment equal to 10% of the bid award value or $500 (whichever is greater) within 24 hours of the accepted award. If the down payment is not received within 24 hours, then Cascade has the right to rescind its offer and make the award to another buyer. The deposit will be applied to the final award sale payment. If the sale is not completed, Cascade will return the deposit to the buyer, less a 20% administration fee.

Bid Awards
Cascade will notify the winning bidder/buyer or any lot available for sale at the time of the bid closing. All buyers must complete payment for the sale according to the established terms of the sale. New buyers must also remit a deposit within 24 hours. All equipment must be shipped within 7 days of the accepted offer, or Cascade will charge a storage fee equal to $25 per pallet per week. If a bidder cannot meet the payment requirements, that bidder will not be allowed to re-bid on another Cascade lot for at least 6 months, and the lot will be offered to the next highest bidder.


Download a Credit Application to make sure you are ready to be awarded product.
Download Credit App


Contact Us:
For additional questions, contact our Resale Team Customer Service at 608-316-6728 or ebay@cascade-assets.com