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Related regulations

Environmental Regulations - find these here

There has been a significant increase in activity related to US and International environmental regulations of e-scrap.  Look here for a variety of resources to help you stay abreast of these issues, and hear from a variety of perspectives on these laws.

Most of these laws focus on household generated e-waste, and not electronics generated by businesses and institutions.  These firms already are regulated by the hazardous waste rules of the federal government under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).  Cascade staff and your own legal counsel can help you understand what impacts you and your institution.


Privacy & Security Regulations - find these here

A wide variety of regulations resulting from issues related to identity theft, corporate malfeasance, and privacy concerns have been enacted by states, the US federal government and other countries.  IT Asset Retirement is directly impacted by some of these laws, and indirectly by others.  Most of these laws are referred to by their acronyms.  We’ve attempted to identify some of these laws and point you to more information about each one here.