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Promoting the Right to Repair

Cascade is a member of Repair.org which provides resources to the repair industry and advocates to promote product longevity and remove barriers to safe and cost effective repair and refurbishment of products. Since a key aspect of Cascade's business is to extend the life of discarded electronics by repairing and refurbishing them to generate value for our IT Asset Disposition clients and promote environmental sustainability, we share the goals of this non-profit orgnization and its "repair manifesto."


The challenge with some products - they are difficult or hazardous to repair and recycle

Cascade Asset Management was featured in a story by the Washington Post on September 11, 2018 highlighting one of the challenges to the repair and recycling industry - embedded (glued in) batteries in phones and tablets. They make the process of replacing, repairing and recycling these devices extremely difficult and time consuming. Improper handling of the Li-ion batteries in these devices can also lead to thermal events where the batteries start reacting, smoking, combusting, and eventually catching on fire.


Everyone who handles laptops and tablets with embedded batteries needs to be careful and use proper tools to prevent the mishandling of these products. We also need to encourage manufacturers to design products that are easier and safer to repair and recycle. By doing so, their products can last longer and their customers can enjoy their products more, and not get frustrated with tablets that have little battery life.