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Learn more about Cascade and the issue of IT Asset Retirement and e-waste by viewing these videos. People like to see what Cacade does. Here are a collection of videos to introduce you to Cascade's people, infrastructure and service offering. Please contact us if you want to see more. Additional related videos of interest from our industry are included below as well..

Cascade Videos

Cascade Overview Video: Meet Cascade employees and learn about our process to securely and responsibly retire IT assets - 2020 (4:33)

Cascade's Enterprise Mobile Disposition Solution: Learn more about how Cascade's EMD solution safeguards your reputation, protects your devices, and increases recovery yield on your mobile phones and tablets - 2020 (0:41)

E-Stewards, NAID, and Cascade - promoting leadership and responsibility: Learn more about how the e-Stewards and NAID certifications mitigate enterprises' risk and liability, while preserving the environment and protecting people from harm. See how Cascade has been involved with these standards and how this benefits our clients - 2020 (4:41 and 1:00 versions)

How to get the most value out of your IT assets with Cascade: Learn about how Cascade works with enterprise clients to optimize recovery yields and increase rebate payments back to clients for retired IT assets - 2020 (3:10)


Who uses Cascade: Learn more about the types of enterprises that benefit most from Cascade's Safe & Sound IT Asset Disposition solutions - 2020 (0:36)


Introduction to Cascade and the PDS lifecycle solution - 2017 (2:00)


Cascade On-Site Media Destruction (2:41)

The story of Cascade and video from processing headquarters

Industry and other Educational Videos:

The Ugly Truth About Toxic E-Waste - from FreeThink Media, featuring Cascade Asset Managament, Dec 19, 2020 (6:24). Click on image to view video source.

The E-Stewards Program: The responsible solution for IT asset retirement