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Collection bin rental options

Cascade rents bins for projects or on an on-going basis for as little as $10 per month.

Use Our Collection Bins for Easy Handling and Removal

Cascade has a variety of collection bins we can make available to you for use in collecting and storing IT assets throughout your facility prior to pick-up and processing by Cascade.  By using Cascade’s rental program, there’s no need to invest all your money up front in this equipment or to pay to replace the container after it’s worn out. 

Some of our bins also offer additional security features with locking lids and fixed placement in your building.  So when you’ve made the decision to retire your IT assets with Cascade, you can lock them up securely so they aren’t out in the open and available for scavengers. 


Why would a company use this on-site service?
Collection bins provide a simple and convenient way for you to collect retired assets from across your facility.  If you find you are handling equipment more than once, or if old computers are piling up in store rooms or hallways, then our collection bins will reduce your handling costs and help you stay clean and organized.


A list of Cascade’s rental bins & their benefits:

  • You can wheel a cart around your buildings to collect equipment and then store it for later pick-up by Cascade.  There’s no need to handle your retired IT assets more than once.
  • Getting the bins picked up and exchanged is a simple and quick process.  Call us up and we’ll be there shortly with empty bins.  We’ll haul your full bins to a secure Cascade facility for final processing.
  • No purchase costs for the bins – our rental program is low cost and easy to use.