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Donations to charities

Cascade donating time and equipment to Madison Eastside Community Center through DaneNet's 2016 IT Day of Service

A convenient and purposeful approach to bridge the “Digital Divide”

Many businesses and institutions want to help charitable organizations by offering their surplus computer equipment for donation. Cascade offers a comprehensive and flexible computer equipment donation program to help maximize the benefits of charitable giving while minimizing risk and hassle to the donor.

The nature of a true gift:
Proper donation planning means success of the donation. Technology donations have a blemished history of success. There is a persistent problem with companies that offer “as-is” donations to non-profits without the technical capabilities to deal with refurbishment, without the means to affordably acquire software and without the skills for installation and proper set up of the equipment. Such donations, though perhaps well-meaning, are literally transferring the corporate disposition obligations to a charity, and creating a significant risk for the business should the nonprofit dispose of donated equipment improperly.

Refurbished equipment is sometimes donated without regard to the technical capabilities of the recipients, leading to gifts that do not work for lack of proper installation or lack of the correct software for the users. Most users at a non-profit entity will have only basic computer skills. If the long-term strategic benefits from philanthropy require that the recipients of IT gifts actually use them, then the definition of an effective gift must include:

  • Fully tested and refurbished hardware
  • Properly licensed and supported operating system and applications software
  • Equipment warranty
  • Local or phone-based hardware technical support

Eventually, all good computers and equipment come to an end and must be properly recycled. This is of particular concern for corporate donors, because under U.S. law, liability for improper disposal is “joint and several” with continuing liability for the original owner even following a transfer of ownership. This risk is virtually eliminated when the corporate donor takes reasonable measures to ensure that its gifts are properly recycled. Therefore, all technology donations should include a mechanism to provide for proper recycling, and a stipulation under which the recipient agrees to use it.

Cascade has placed thousands of donated computers into local and global charities
Cascade has the experience and resources to ensure quality working and refurbished equipment is placed in worthwhile charities either in your local neighborhood or around the globe. Cascade has worked directly with the Digital Partnership to outfit community computer labs across Ethiopia, while ensuring the older computers are properly recycled at the end of their lives. We’ve also worked with local Boys & Girls Clubs on an innovative “Earn Your Own Computer Program” where kids are trained on how to operate and maintain their donated computers. Cascade also has placed computers in dozens of local charities at the request of our customers. In the Madison, WI area, Cascade partners with DANEnet, a local non-profit dedicated to bridging the digital Divide and assisting other non-profits with their technology needs. Together, we ensure quality equipment gets placed into the right hands for the best outcomes.

Join us in supporting Connecting Madison
Cascade has teamed up with the City of Madison, ResTech and DANEnet on an exciting new project to offer low-cost Internet service, technology training, and free (donated) refurbished computers to over 1,000 low-income households in Dane County, Wisconsin. Through the generous donations of quality computer equipment from our customers, we are able to offer fully functional i5 computers with Windows 10 and basic productivity software at no cost to participants in the program. Learn more about the project here.

We are looking for more donors - we need about 400 more computers (at least i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, DVD player) and 850 more 19" or bigger LCD monitors to satisfy the expected demand in this program. If you send equipment to Cascade for processing, consider allocating some of your reusable devices to this effort. Instead of you and Cascade earning resale revenue from the device, we will both forfeit our share of the rebate and instead donate this equipment through DANEnet to individuals in need. Contact us for more details on how to join this effort.

Are you from a charitable organization and want to be considered for a donation of computer equipment?

Please look here for resources available to non-profits for low or no-cost hardware and software.

For more information or to get started . . .

Contact your Cascade Sales Representative or reach us by webrequest, email or phone (888-222-8399).