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Cascade Fleet

Cascade is unique in the industry in that we offer nationwide pickups using our own background checked, professional staff who know how to properly and securely handle IT equipment.

Secure and Convenient Hauling by Cascade

Cascade maintains a fleet of trucks at our processing facilities available for the collection of equipment generally within a three hour drive of each facility.  Each 26 foot straight truck is equipped with a lift gate and can accommodate a variety of collection sites.  We’ve deployed the trucks to locations with traditional loading docks as well as office sites without docks. 

Only Cascade professionals operate each truck – we do not outsource this work to contractors.  The drivers are trained in customer service and support, provide on-site moving assistance, and may also offer additional services on-site.  Each driver must pass criminal background checks, drug screening tests, and meets Department of Transportation standards. 

Why would a company use this logistics service?
If your facility is located within a three hour drive of one of our facilities, and you generate between 2 pallets to 12 pallets of equipment at a time, then this service will best suit your needs.  If you ship full truck-load quantities or are located further away from Cascade processing centers, then we can help with 3rd Party Transport.

The benefits of using Cascade’s Fleet for Logistics:

  • This is the best way to provide a "Secure Chain of Custody" to make sure your IT assets make it from your site to final disposition at Cascade.
  • Our trucks can handle most any pick up requirement and are not limited to accepting equipment only at elevated docks.
  • We can respond to pick-up requests promptly, typically within 2 – 5 days of a request.
  • Our professional drivers are experts in handling IT assets in a secure and careful manner to protect your data needs and preserve recovery value in the items. 

Freight Zone area map and pricing.

Look at the map below to see the area covered by Cascade's direct pickup and freight zones. Zoom in to find your city and zip code and see the price for the pickup. Pricing starts at $40 for areas near our processing facilities.