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Portable physical media destruction

Click here to see a video of our portable hard drive and SSD crushing tool in action.

We come to your site to physically destroy media and their data

If your company has high security needs and absolutely requires hard drives, data tapes, and solid state drives to be physically destroyed so that information is inaccessible and the media cannot be reused, then let us bring one of our portable media destruction units to your site.

We offer the following options for onsite media destruction:

  • Solid State Drive destruction - Our portable unit pokes holes through your data, literally. Standard magnetic hard drives, sold state drives, laptop drives and flash media are crushed or disabled by pushing pins throughout the drive. The device is NSA/CSS 9-12 compliant and uses over 90 pins to pierce the solid state media from top and bottom causing both perforation and waffling, which destroy the individual memory chips. This is more effective than shredding since these small chips may pass through shredders unharmed. Watch a video of it in action.
  • Shredding Services – Cascade and our qualified downstream contractor, Guardian Data Destruction, can provide HDD, SSD, and data tape shredding at your site using a mobile shredder or truck.
  • Hard Drive Crushing - Our portable drive crusher pushes out the spindles of drives and bends the platters.
  • Degaussing - our portable degausser destroys data on standard hard drives, laptop drives, and many tape cartridges (DLT, LTO, 3590, and 8 mm tapes).

Destroyed media can then be placed into a secure bin and sent directly to a Cascade shredder for further size reduction and then recycling. Cascade technicians are also available to pull drives from units prior to crushing and can scan and/or record serial numbers and asset tags of each drive prior to crushing. A Certificate of Destruction and detailed Disposition Report is left with the customer after the drives are crushed.

Why would a company need to crush drives on site?
If your security policy requires the physical destruction of drives on site, then this service is appropriate. Often times, a company may just want to physically destroy drives containing more sensitive information, such as executive’s drives and server drives. Cascade can work with you to pull these hard drives from the units on-site and then crush them in front of your eyes.

The benefits of using Cascade’s on-site destruction service:

  • You can physically see the media destroyed in front of your eyes.
  • Our destruction tools are more effective at physical destruction than many simple degaussers, drill presses, and the more rudimentary “hammer” technique. It’s also a lot safer than drilling and pounding with a hammer.
  • You don’t need to invest in an expensive destruction tool that may take years to pay for themselves.
  • The crusher and degausser take just minutes to set up and take down. They are self-contained and can be rolled into any spot with a 100v outlet.
  • Cascade will send an operator who can also remove the drives from devices prior to destruction and record asset details on destroyed drives.
  • The Cascade staff member who operates the device has passed a criminal back ground check and is required to meet the high standards of Cascade’s security and customer service program.
  • Cascade doesn't only handle hard drives and other media, like other destruction companies. We can process any of your IT assets for refurbishment, resale and recycling.
  • There’s no mess with this service. When we’re done, everything is cleaned and the drives are hauled away to a Cascade facility for shredding and recycling.