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End of lease asset management services

Cascade makes the processing of returning your IT assets to a leasing company easy and secure while saving you time and money.

While leasing offers the advantage of shifting the responsibility of disposal of your IT assets to another party, the lessee must incur handling, data destruction, and shipping costs to get these assets back to the owner of the equipment. These costs can easily top $100 per asset and outstrip the costs of disposal of owned assets.

Cascade Asset Management can reduce these costs and provide a turn-key solution to collect, test, erase data, audit, report and return leased equipment back to the original owner. Information on lease return activity is driven through a secure on-line web server that tracks requests for returns and disposal options for all managed assets. Cascade provides this service for a single per-asset disposition fee.

In addition, Cascade’s lease return management program has demonstrated a positive return on investment for our clients due to avoided penalties and lease return fees incurred with leases have been managed internally.

Typical Schedule of Services

  • Cascade collects, packages and hauls assets from customer facilities using Cascade’s secure logistics service or third-party freight options.
  • Assets receive a diagnostic check consisting of a physical and electronic inspection of the equipment. All data are wiped from computer hard drives.
  • Cascade generates an electronic report listing the manufacturer serial numbers for collected assets and an indication as to whether they have passed diagnostic testing.
  • Cascade processes assets per customer’s instructions (e.g., return to the leasing company to fulfill lease, replace lost lease item with a similar item from Cascade’s inventory, or process for reuse/recycling by Cascade.)
  • For assets designated as lease returns, Cascade packages and palletizes the assets for shipment according to the packaging guidelines of the leasing company. All packing materials are provided by Cascade. Cascade stores leased assets in its facility in order to consolidate loads for shipment.
  • For assets designated as property to be managed for end of life by Cascade (for reuse or recycling), Cascade processes the equipment in a way to maximize its salvage value while ensuring unusable equipment is disposed in accordance with environmental regulations and best practices. For equipment that is resold, Cascade will pay customer a percentage of the resale value of the assets.

Cost of Services
Costs are assessed on a per-asset basis, regardless of the origin of the equipment. Costs are determined based on the anticipated volume and geographic distribution of leased assets. Contact us so we can better understand your needs and develop the best program for you.