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Onsite ITAD services

Let Cascade assist with the secure, safe and efficient removal of excess IT assets from your site so that you can focus on your new and installed infrastructure.

As a full-service IT Asset Retirement company, we provide solutions that begin with the ability to remove your equipment from a “desktop or a dock” and provide on-site asset tracking and data security services to properly build a secure chain of custody of your sensitive equipment from your site to its final disposition at one of our processing centers.

Rapid Deployment Team: 
A full-service team of trained and secure Cascade employees (not contractors) who provide full-service, on-site deinstallation, inventory tracking, electronic and physical media destruction, and packaging services throughout North America.

On-site Wiping:
Fast, convenient, secure and independently verified hard drive information destruction services. 

On-site Hard Drive Crushing: 
Our portable drive crushed punches 2 inch holes through the platters on your hard drives safely and quickly so you see these items destroyed right in front of your eyes.

Bin Rental & Collection: 
Use our secure media bins to collect durable media (hard drives, CDs, thumb drives, data tapes) from throughout your building. We’ll swap them out and deliver them straight to our shredder for secure destruction.

Employee Collection Events: 
We can help plan and support events to collect old computers from your employees – a great service to them, and a way to ensure any corporate data stored on their home PCs is destroyed properly.

We can disconnect and remove workstations from your network, so your IT staff can focus on installing and maintaining new systems.

Inventory of Assets:
We scan and record asset information and leave you with an electronic and paper report of what we collected.