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Cascade IT Asset Disposition Services

If you need assurances data is destroyed before it leaves your site, and you want to preserve media for reuse, Cascade may be able to help with our on-site wiping capabilities.

Safe & Sound IT Asset Retirement

Cascade offers processing of computers and electronic equipment for retirement. We ensure your equipment is handled to the highest standards for data security and environmentally responsible disposal.

Our goal is to “cascade IT equipment to its next best use” and we look for opportunities to remarket reusable equipment and components whenever possible to earn recovery rebates for our customers. If complete physical destruction is required, we can do that, too. Below is information about what is included in our processing services. We have several options for how we can sort, inventory and handle your equipment, so contact us to help determine the optimal mix of processing services.


Overview of Processing Activities:
Learn what happens to equipment in Cascade’s processing facilities.


Tracking and Reporting: 
Details on how we can sort, track and report on collected assets to aid in your financial and compliance reporting requirements.


Information Destruction: 
Learn about our electronic media wiping tools and physical shredding equipment, as well as the comprehensive security programs in place in each location and with all of our staff to ensure your security needs are protected.


Refurbishing & Resale: 
We can put our technicians and resale staff to work for you to recover the most value from your assets.


Demanufacturing for Recycling: 
If equipment has no resale value, or you require complete physical destruction of assets, our disassembly team will pull out hazardous materials for treatment, and sort commodities for recycling into more than 45 different material streams.