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Cascade reporting services

Cascade provides disposition reports to satisfy audit and compliance reporting needs.

Fast, Accurate and Transparent reporting sets Cascade apart.

One of the primary "products" Cascade delivers to its customers is a series of reports on the disposition activity of collected equipment. These reports provide useful insight into how and when assets were processed by Cascade and can help you fulfill compliance requirements due to privacy protection and governance regulations.

As detailed as you want
Cascade can track the collection, processing activity and settlement values of any assets you generate for disposition. Whether it be data center equipment, desktops, or data tapes, we can capture meaningful inventory information, audited data sanitization activities, and resale prices on each asset. Cascade can record these inventory details at your facility to establish a clear chain of custody of these items off your property. Otherwise, items can be inventoried at a Cascade facility upon receipt. If this detail is not important for some or all products you ship, we can still process the equipment for secure and environmentally responsible disposal, without capturing individual asset details.

Milestone Reporting
Cascade keeps you informed of processing activity each step of the way. Internal metrics are in place to ensure assets are handled efficiently so that you get the reports you need on a timely basis. We understand how you have timelines to keep, so we work to get you the information you need quickly. Reports are generated during the following milestones:

  • Once all assets have been inventoried on site, a preliminary Inventory Report is issued in print and electronic form at the site;
  • Assets are inventoried when received at Cascade, and the report can be reconciled against an on-site inventory to better manage the chain of custody. Cascade then issues an Inventory Receipt Report to the customer listing these assets;
  • If a customer does not require assets to be individually tracked, Cascade issues a final report of the count and weight of items received and documents the clear transfer of title and responsibility through our Bulk Certificate of Destruction/Notice of Recycling Activity;
  • Once all assets have been tested and evaluated for disposition, and any data have been cleared through electronic sanitization or by being physically destroyed through shredding, Cascade will issue a Certificate of Destruction and asset level Disposition Report. Cascade is unique in that we issue this COD only after data is actually destroyed on devices - others might issue this upon receipt of your equipment.
  • When assets are tracked and resold, Cascade will issue a Rebate Report listing the settlement value of all equipment sold during a given period. The total rebate is paid out as a check or credited to the customer account to apply to future invoices.

Report Formats
Cascade can generate printed reports that can be mailed to customers for review and archive purposes. In addition, electronic PDF documents can be distributed to facilitate sharing. We also post and distribute reports via Excel spreadsheets and CSV formats for companies to review and upload into various asset management systems.


For customers subscribing to Cascade's Complete Service Option, reports can be accessed 24/7 on our on-line reporting tool, Cascade-Tracker.com. This tool allows users to browse and search all inventory records, print Certificates of Destruction and Receipt Reports, and download found sets of data for import into company asset management tools.Learn more about the features of this tool and how you can access our free demo site.