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Computer and Electronics Recycling Options

Cascade accepts equipment from businesses and organizations, no matter what size. Consumers can use Cascade through employer collection events as well.

Computer Recycling Opportunities for Small Quantities

Cascade is best set up to meet the needs of businesses and institutions requiring regular pickups or service and who have a mix of reusable and recyclable equipment. Cascade is not set up to service individuals directly, but we do offer opportunities for employee collection events in partnership with our corporate customers.

If you are with a business or organization, you may drop-off your equipment at either of our facilities for Safe and Sound processing, but you must contact us ahead of time to ensure we will be able to service you. We can either charge at a per pound rate ($0.40/lb.), or contact us about per piece rate and inventory services.

Small Business pickups

If you can store and accumulate computer equipment throughout the year, Cascade can pick up more equipment at one time, thereby lowering the average cost to process each item. Cascade uses "freight zone" pricing for our trucks to pickup equipment from up to 3.5 hours drive time each way from one of our processing facilities. Rates start at $40 for in-town pickups in Madison or Indianapolis and go up to $290 for truckload pickups of equpment around 220 miles away. Our own trucks and staff cover most of the Midwest and other parts of the country can be serviced by Cascade and third parties.

Individuals and Small Businesses

  1. Cascade partners with many of our corporate customers to offer low or no-cost recycling options to employees and the local community. Look at some of our partnerships - if your employer isn't listed, ask them to sign up with Cascde..
  2. Take equipment to another recycler. While Cascade can't speak to the data security, tracking or environmental compliance programs from other recyclers, we do want you to know that other recycling options exist for recycling small quanties of items. Because of the many new state laws regarding computer recycling, there has been a proliferation of recycling programs across the country.
    1. Wisconsin E-Cycle Program: Search their online directory of drop-off and collection sites across Wisconsin.
    2. Indiana E-Cycle Program: Details about where households and small businesses can recycle in Indiana.
    3. The Basel Action Network also maintains a web site of responsible electronics recyclers. View this list at www.e-stewards.org.
  3. Use collection and take back programs provided by manufacturers and retailers. Often, when you buy a new computer, the manufacturer will take back your old unit. Also, many Staples, Best Buy, and Office Depot stores will accept old computers and peripherals.

A note about donations . . .

Cascade supports the donation of working, usable equipment to charities. There are vast numbers of computers made available to charities that are 3 - 4 years old, in good condition, and loaded with appropriate software. Unfortunately, many household computers are more than 5 years old. With the glut of used computers on the market, charities can often choose to be picky and may not want your old equipment. Charities also prefer to receive a number of similar devices at once, making it hard to manage and integrate individual donations of computers. It's not a good idea to "donate" an old, unusable computer to a charity that they'll need to eventually pay to recycle properly.

If you do have a newer computer or computing device that is in good condition, then donation may be a good option. Contact your local United Way about donation opportunities - they often maintain a "wish list" of donations for the charities they support. In Madison, Cascade supports the DaneNet non-profit program, which provides low-cost information technology equipment and services to other non-profits.

Also remember that before you donate your computer, be sure to wipe off all your personal data.

If you do choose to donate your computer, think about also making a financial contribution to the charity to help them with software purchases and ongoing support. Then, your donation will really make a difference!