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Tracking and reporting

Cascade helps you meet security and disposal tracking requirements with our inventory and reporting services.

You don't know what you have if you don't track it.

If you need an account of asset disposition activity for financial reporting purposes, to demonstrate compliance with data security regulations or to prove environmental compliance, Cascade can provide what you need with our flexible and affordable asset reporting service.

We track the information you need on the assets you want to identify and will report this information back to you electronically and in hard copy. Our reporting system can interface with virtually any asset management program to complete your asset tracking and discovery program. Asset recording and reporting services can also be performed on leased equipment in preparation for fulfilling lease return terms.

Safe and Sound® reporting services include:

  1. Per asset reporting for any type of asset we normally process
  2. Recording and reporting of up to seven attributes for each asset
  3. Access to on-line reporting tool with search and download capabilities (see Cascade-Tracker.com).
  4. Electronic report emailed within two business days of receipt of equipment (on most orders)
  5. PDF versioning for archiving purposes
  6. Detailed discovery of condition and configuration information for resold assets

Let Cascade provide the information you want at a price you can afford. Managing your assets has never been easier. With the information you choose reported back to you each month, you’ll be able to concentrate on other areas of your business without having to worry.

Learn more about all of Cascade's Reporting Options and how they provide the most convenient and thorough asset tracking and disposition service available.