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3rd Party Transit

Cascade can manage LTL and full truckload shipments to help reduce costs for transportation.

Cascade has relationships with leading logistics providers to offer nationwide transit of your sensitive IT assets.

Available options include:

  • Shipment of truckload quantities (up to 24 pallets) on exclusive use (or dedicated) trailers that may be locked and sealed and shipped directly from your site to Cascade.
  • Shipment of equipment on trailers with dividers that may be capable of being locked and sealed - this can be used for less than truckload quantities (less than 12 pallets) on specialized vehicles.  Your equipment stays on the trailer from the time it leaves your site until it arrives at Cascade and is never cross-docked.
  • Shipment of equipment that may be cross-docked: As a way to save money, frieght companies may transfer the load at terminals en route to Cascade.
  • Other special services, such as spotting trailers for loading, multi-modal shipments, or setting appointments to meet dock times, are often available upon request.

Why would a company use this logistics service?
If your facility is located beyond a three hour drive of one of our facilities or you have large loads of equipment to remove at once, then 3rd party transport may be your best option.  Depending on your security requirements and budget, you may prefer to invest in Cascade's secure fleet and vehicles or reduce your costs through 3rd party transport.


The benefits of using Cascade’s secure 3rd party logistics:

  • Extend Cascade’s logistic reach across the United States for a single IT asset retirement solution for your distributed facilities. 
  • We can respond to pick-up requests promptly, typically within 2 – 5 days of a request.
  • Keep your logistics costs down by selecting the most appropriate transport option for your needs.