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Protecting client security during IT Asset Disposition

As mentioned in Cascade's benchmarking reports , having a comprehensive and up-to-date IT Security Policy is an essential component in developing an effective IT Asset Management strategy. It's also critical to comply with data security regulations. Here's some additional information to help in your policy development.

What's the scope of your policy?
In our client survey, Cascade asked respondents to list what aspects of IT asset disposition their policies address. See this graphic for their responses from the 2015 survey.

How does your organization compare? It is a good idea to see if each of these issues is included in your policy - typically they are necessary and helpful to guide your program. See the graphic to the right for the complete list of what's included in other organizations' IT Security Policies.


Sample Policy

Cascade put together a sample IT Asset Disposition Security policy you can use as a guide. Of course, policies are developed to serve the unique interests of the organization, so be sure to customize it as you need. To get your free editable Word template, please complete this short registration form.


A good security policy is only one element of an effective IT asset disposition security program. Learn about the other essential elements of a data security program and how Cascade can assist.