Secure Data Destruction Services in St. Louis, MO

Cascade Asset Management takes great pride in being a reliable provider of IT asset disposition services for businesses in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. We prioritize complete customer satisfaction by guaranteeing a meticulous secure data destruction process for every computer, server, or smart device we handle. In highly regulated industries such as healthcare, technology, finance, government, and education, data breaches can have severe long-term consequences. Our secure data destruction process ensures the protection of your proprietary information. With over two decades of experience in IT asset disposition services and an impressive 99% customer satisfaction rating, you can trust us to meet your needs effectively.

Secure Data Destruction

We have developed a failsafe process to ensure that the data contained in your unwanted electronics remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. When you choose Cascade Asset Management, we will collect your IT assets, transport them to our facility, and execute secure data destruction using one-pass NIST 800-88 conformant sanitization or by shredding the hard drive. Once this process is completed, data-sanitized devices can be, resold, donated to charity, redeployed within your organization, or returned to a third-party vendor. If an asset’s hard drive was shredded, we can install a new hard drive so the device can be reused or we can responsibly recycle it.

Why Choose Cascade Asset Management for Secure Data Destruction Services?

Rest assured that we are the ideal secure data destruction company for your needs, as we:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Types of Devices Can Cascade Asset Management Handle for Secure Data Destruction?

Cascade Asset Management handles secure data destruction for various IT assets, including computers, servers, and smart devices. Our data destruction professionals ensure that data contained in retired electronics is rendered inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Why Is Secure Data Destruction Important for Businesses in Highly Regulated Industries?

Secure data destruction is crucial for businesses in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, technology, finance, government, and education because data breaches can have severe long-term consequences. Ensuring the secure sanitization or destruction of hard drives helps protect proprietary data and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

What Options Are Available for IT Assets After Secure Data Destruction Is Completed?

After secure data destruction is completed, the IT assets handled by Cascade Asset Management can be, resold, donated to charity, redeployed within the organization, returned to a third-party vendor, or responsibly recycled. This provides businesses with flexible options for managing their retired IT assets.

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