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Welcome to the “Day in the Life” series, where we take an inside look at the daily routine of a valued employee at Cascade Asset Management. Our featured employee will share their background, insight into our company culture, along with the skills and expertise they bring to the IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry.

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15), we’re featuring Christian Salamanca, a Senior Field Technician from our Orlando, FL facility. The cultural diversity of Christian’s life has given him a strong sense of Hispanic pride. He is also a valued Cascade team member.

Christian was born in Puerto Rico and then spent most of his formative years growing up in Chile. Chile had experienced a period of military dictatorship under General Augusto Pinochet, who came to power on September 11, 1973, following a coup d’état that ousted the democratically elected socialist president, Salvador Allende.

Chile’s journey back to democracy was gradual. A historic referendum on October 5, 1988, saw Chileans rejecting an extension of Pinochet’s rule, leading to presidential elections in 1989. In March 1990, Patricio Aylwin’s inauguration marked the return to democratic government after 17 long years of dictatorship. Although this transition was a significant turning point, the scars from the past were visible. Christian remembers seeing bullet holes in the capital building set in a landscape that desperately needed reconstruction. All of this was a constant reminder of the nation’s dark history under military rule.

At the age of 15, Christian moved to the United States where he has remained and is currently serving as our Senior Field Technician here at Cascade. The grit and charisma it takes to begin fresh in a new country can take its toll, however. Acclimating to an entirely new language, culture, and way of life is difficult when you’re away from family and friends, but the hope that America provided was worth the cost of the sacrifice of family connections, which is one of the strongest bonds of the Hispanic culture.

A Day in the Life: Christian - Senior Field Technician


Christian stated that one of the most cherished and vital aspects of Hispanic culture is family. In his culture, family isn’t just about blood ties; it’s about unity, love, and unwavering support. The Hispanic culture relies heavily on their abuelos, padres, hermanos, and primos to form the foundation of their lives. Family is there to celebrate triumphs, lend a shoulder in tough times, and keep traditions alive!

Christian reflected on the rich tapestry of his heritage and the values that bind his family together. Every Sunday he and his loved ones gather to eat and keep the traditions, stories, and heartbeats of his culture thriving in the lives of his nephews. At the dinner table, conversations occur about what’s going on in their homeland, what’s happening in their culture, and of course, what’s happening in soccer! Christian stated that family is all about embracing their roots and remembering that their culture thrives through their love, strength, and unity. Family is indeed the biggest treasure!


Let’s pay homage to one of the most mouthwatering aspects of Hispanic culture: food! Food isn’t just sustenance for Hispanic culture; it’s a bridge to their past, a celebration of their present, and a legacy for their future. From savory empanadas to zesty salsas, the cuisine weaves together a delightful mosaic of flavors and traditions. It’s the essence of who Hispanics are.

Christian explains that food is more than just sustenance; it’s a way to connect with one’s roots, bond with family members, and share their culture with the world. So, whether he is cooking up a storm or savoring a meal from his abuela’s kitchen, his family celebrates the delicious diversity that makes his culture’s cuisine so special. Christian shares that empanadas and Barbe-cue lamb are a must at family celebrations. Empanadas are typically filled with beef, black olives, and onions. Of course, there’s always salsa to be enjoyed, with salsa verde being a favorite to dip the empanadas in.


Chinchorrear and Chilean Independence Day are two Hispanic customs Christian and his family cherish.

Chinchorrear is a beloved pastime in Hispanic communities where friends and family come together to explore local gems, savor delicious bites, and sip on refreshing drinks. If you ever get the chance to join in during a visit to a Hispanic destination, you will truly immerse yourself in the rich flavors and rhythms of Hispanic heritage.

Chilean Independence Day falls on September 18th and is a week-long fiesta. Christian fondly recalls his childhood memories of kite-flying competitions, rodeos, and lively soccer matches, all while being surrounded by the heavenly aroma of mouthwatering dishes.

Chilean Independence Celebration - Hispanic Heritage Month


When asked about his role models, Christian named the national Chilean hero Lautaro. While growing up in Chile, Christian recalls learning about this man of courage who stood up to fight for the country’s independence. Lautaro valiantly taught other men how to fight in battle while riding a horse, which made their fighting fiercer.

Christian respected and admired Lautaro for standing up for his nation. Lautaro also represented strength and tenacity. Those same values brought Christian to the United States and are what keeps his head held high. Moving to an entirely different country where people may have preconceived ideas and misconceptions was difficult, but that’s where Christian’s family heritage, Sunday dinners, soccer celebrations, and salsa dancing fill the void. Christian shared that the vast majority of those who come from his country to the United States are here to work hard and to make a better life for their family than the life they would have had in Chile or Puerto Rico, where he came from.

Recognizing and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is a reminder to Christian and all our Hispanic employees of who they are as a people; a celebration of food, family, traditions, and the unique diversity they bring to America.

Christian Salamanca in FL warehouse