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Welcome to the “Day in the Life” series, where we take an inside look at the daily routine of a valued employee at Cascade Asset Management. Our featured employee will share their skills and expertise, insight into our company culture, and shed light on the importance of responsible IT asset disposition (ITAD).

In celebration of Pride Month (June), we’re featuring Daphne Monroe-Wessendorf, our Refurbishing Supervisor for the Indianapolis facility. Daphne’s journey at Cascade is an inspiring one. Starting as a Field Technician, she dedicated nearly three years to the role before earning a well-deserved promotion to Refurbishing Supervisor.

When Daphne relocated from Chicago to Indianapolis, she was on the lookout for a new job. Among all the options, Cascade stood out because of its strong commitment to sustainability. This resonated with Daphne, who knew she had found a company where she could make a difference and thrive in her career.

Daphne’s advice to all aspiring tech enthusiasts is simple but profound: “Never stop being curious! Take the time to delve into whatever part of technology interests you. Whether it’s new or old, for fun or practical use, remember that data is data!”

Join us in honoring Daphne Monroe-Wessendorf and recognizing the diverse voices and talents within our community this Pride Month.

Cascade Day in the Life - Daphne, Refurbishing Supervisor


Daphne’s day typically kicks off in the office, where she expertly coordinates the specific processing needs between our refurbishing department and other functional areas. With Cascade handling intricate tasks like data erasure and refurbishing assets for their next use, Daphne’s role is pivotal in ensuring smooth operations.
One of the crucial aspects of Daphne’s job is effectively coordinating the completion of jobs with her team, acting as the liaison between them and our Customer Account Service Managers when assets are locked. As time is of the essence and assets lose value during the wait, Daphne’s exceptional communication skills play a vital role in orchestrating her team and seamlessly guiding the assets through our rigorous refurbishing process.
Cascade Day in the Life - Daphne, Refurbishing Supervisor


Having the ability to handle mechanical systems is a “Day in the Life” requirement of our Refurbishing Technicians. As Cascade collects a veritable plethora of devices from its customers, our technicians must be well-versed in identifying common data security risks, running diagnostics, wiping devices, performing basic repairs and upgrades, and then staging processed equipment for our fulfillment team to take over. Our refurbishment technicians do all this while maintaining a prominent level of quality and attention to detail.
Cascade Day in the Life - Daphne, Refurbishing Supervisor


Data wiping is a critical step in the process of refurbishing equipment that Casacade receives. Staying up to date in the constantly changing world of data storage devices keeps our Refurbishment Technicians on their toes. No matter the type of HDD, SSD, or flash media, we know that your data must be permanently sanitized. Cascade recently implemented Blancco, a patented and certified erasure solution to electronically sanitize any type of storage media. It provides an independent, auditable trail to demonstrate data has been sanitized to NIST 800-88 Guidelines, leaving nothing behind! At Cascade, we know that peace of mind is priceless, and this is just another “Day in the Life” for our Refurbishment Department.
Cascade Day in the Life - Daphne, Refurbishing Supervisor running diagnostics


At Cascade, we take pride in delivering high-quality refurbished devices to our valued customers. Our meticulous refurbishment process ensures that each asset receives the utmost care and attention before it’s ready for resale. Once our Refurbishment Team completes their assessment, the assets are graded into four distinct groups: AA, AB, BA, BB. This transparent grading system serves a dual purpose; to determine their functionality and to assess their aesthetic condition. At least 5% of all tested assets go through a secondary audit to verify the first assessment was accurately completed. This continual process is another example of what a typical “Day in the Life” of a Refurbishment Technician looks like.
Day in the Life: Equipment Grading


More than 65 years of asset refurbishment experience are captured in this photo, showcasing the remarkable team at Cascade Indianapolis! Led by Daphne Monroe-Wessendorf, this talented group dedicates their expertise to data purging and examining our clients’ assets. Every “Day in the Life” is a unique journey for this meticulous team. They stay ahead of the curve by keeping up to date with the latest technology and employing our equipment grading system, ensuring top-notch results every time. Here at Cascade, we take great pride in our revenue share model, which keeps assets within the circular economy. By putting money back into our clients’ hands, we contribute to a sustainable future and make a positive impact on the environment.

Cascade Day in the Life - Daphne & the Refurbishing Team