Why Is IT Asset Disposition Important?

Modern technology is constantly connected, which means that even seemingly innocuous devices, such as televisions and speakers, should be properly disposed of to prevent data breaches. However, robust IT asset disposition is much more important in some cases than others. For example, companies that operate in heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, technology, and government, are obligated to adhere to strict ITAD procedures. Properly handling customer and employee data is an ethical responsibility. What’s more, compliance failures may result not only in legal consequences and hefty fines but also irreparable damage to these organizations’ reputations.


At Cascade Asset Management, we have been a trusted provider of IT asset disposition in the most strictly regulated industries since 1999. We hold advanced credentials, including NAID AAA Certification and are well known for providing the most secure, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions, as evidenced by our customer satisfaction rating of more than 99%.

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