Comprehensive Secure Data Destruction & Asset Disposition Services for Businesses in Cincinnati, OH

If you’re in search of a competent secure data destruction company offering comprehensive asset disposition services for businesses, organizations, schools, and government agencies in Cincinnati, Ohio, your search ends with Cascade Asset Management. We fully understand the significance of data protection in today’s digital era. That’s why our expert team delivers reliable turnkey solutions, ranging from secure hard drive destruction to recycling and redeployment of outdated company assets.


Secure data destruction is paramount, and its significance cannot be emphasized enough. Failing to properly dispose of company assets puts organizations at risk of severe data breaches, hefty regulatory fines, and a loss of trust from employees and customers. The best way to mitigate these risks is by entrusting certified professionals with the disposal of your unwanted IT assets.

At Cascade Asset Management, we offer comprehensive asset disposition services that encompass the entire process. We take possession of your old devices, perform thorough testing to identify potential options, ensure the secure wiping of data, and enable units to be resold, reused, donated, or recycled. By partnering with us, not only will your business be protected from risks, but you may also recoup a portion of your investment.


Safeguard your organization and the trust of your customers by prioritizing secure data destruction. Contact us today to learn more about our asset disposition services and request a personalized quote. Experience firsthand why Cincinnati business owners and managers place their trust in us.