A Trusted Secure Data Destruction Provider in Indianapolis, IN

A pile of computer parts in need of disposal

Does your company’s data security plan include a process for IT asset disposition? If you’re committing countless resources to protecting proprietary information during day-to-day business, shouldn’t you also have a plan for protecting it when you dispose of sensitive equipment? Cascade Asset Management can ensure that secure data destruction will occur on all the computers, servers, and smart devices that your Indianapolis, Indiana, company no longer needs.  We’ve been assisting businesses with their IT asset management needs since 1999 and maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rating—a testament to the level of service we deliver. If your company is part of a highly regulated industry with strict penalties for data breaches, we’re the partner you need.


What does a secure data destruction company do? To simplify, we ensure that your unwanted electronics are safe from falling into other hands. When you partner with us, we’ll visit your offices to collect your IT assets, transport them to our facility, and perform secure hard drive destruction. Once this process is completed, you’ll have options for the next step. We can:

  • Sell your usable electronics for you on the Cascade Marketplace or through wholesale channels
  • Return usable items to you for redeployment within your organization
  • Return items to third-party vendors
  • Donate your electronics to local nonprofits or charity organizations
  • Recycle your items using environmentally sustainable practices


If you’d like to learn more about the secure data destruction services we can provide for your business in the Indianapolis, IN, area, contact Cascade Asset Management today.