IT Asset Disposition Services for Highly Regulated Businesses in Tallahassee, FL

A smart phone in a woman's hands

If your company is part of an industry that’s subjected to intense data privacy scrutiny and regulation, you understand how important it is to always protect proprietary information. This includes the IT asset disposition process, which often gets overlooked. Fortunately, Cascade Asset Management can ensure that your unwanted computers, servers, and smart devices undergo secure data destruction before falling into the wrong hands. We’ve been serving businesses from highly regulated industries like finance, healthcare, government, and technology since 1999, and we’re proud to maintain a 99% customer satisfaction rating—a testament to the level of service we deliver.


Our IT asset disposition services will ensure that your unwanted electronics are disposed of in a secure and cost-efficient manner. When you partner with Cascade Asset Management, we will:

  • Come to your offices to collect and inventory your equipment
  • Securely transport it to our nearby facility
  • Quarantine any locked devices until we can work with you to deregister them
  • Ensure secure data destruction for all items

Once this process is completed, the final disposition of your items will be up to you. Equipment that is still usable can be redeployed within your organization, resold through wholesale channels, returned to a third-party owner, or donated to charity. Items that are no longer viable will be responsibly recycled ensuring any hazardous materials are contained and applicable environmental regulations are followed.


Let the IT asset disposition experts provide the secure services your company needs. Contact Cascade Asset Management today to learn more.