A Trusted Option for Secure Data Destruction Services

A hammer striking a computer hard drive

Protecting your company’s and clients’ proprietary information is crucial in today’s digital business world, especially if you’re part of a highly regulated industry like healthcare, finance, insurance, education, government, or technology. And while companies devote ample resources toward cybersecurity, the IT asset disposition process often gets forgotten. However, ensuring the secure destruction of data on your company’s unwanted computers, servers, mobile devices, and electronics is crucial, and that’s where Cascade Asset Management enters the conversation. We offer turnkey IT asset disposition services that focus on secure data destruction, and we’re ready to help your business.


We offer comprehensive IT asset disposition services, and secure data destruction is an important step in our process. When we take possession of a company’s unwanted IT assets, we test them for configuration, functional, and cosmetic conditions to determine disposition options. Data destruction happens next, and locked devices are quarantined and reported to the client for de-registration. This enables units to be reused.

Once the secure data destruction process has been completed, there are an array of options for the final disposition of your devices. They include:

  • Resale – We can help recoup part of your investment by selling viable devices through the Cascade Marketplace, eBay, or wholesale channels.
  • Recycling – Our process converts devices into recyclable resources and includes disassembly, shredding, and containment of hazardous materials.
  • Redeployment – We can return refurbished devices to you so they can be reissued to your staff.
  • Donation – Operational devices can be donated to local nonprofit organizations and charities.
  • Returns – We can return wiped devices to lessors or repair organizations.

We offer secure data destruction for businesses in several locations, including:


If you’d like additional information about our IT asset disposition and secure data destruction services, contact Cascade Asset Management today.