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Onsite inventory services

The best way to transfer the responsibility and liability for processing your assets to a third party is to agree to a detailed inventory listing of what is removed from your facility. We can help.

Do you need to know what IT assets are leaving your facility before they go to your asset retirement service provider? Do you not have the time or resources to do this work yourself? 

Cascade’s field technicians can come to your facility to label, scan and inventory your IT assets and then give you a report of these recorded assets before they leave your facility. 

Mobile Data Capture Devices
Cascade can capture barcodes and printed inventory information into an electronic tracking sheet. We can also reconcile against your asset disposition list to ensure we only take items that match your assets slated for removal.

Efficient Staff & One-step Process
Our staff works quickly and thoroughly to provide a complete inventory solution to you.  By recording asset details at your site, you enable a secure chain of custody from your facility all the way through to the items’ final disposition.  The process allows for an efficient one-step process of inventorying and packing items for shipment.  This clears up space quickly and avoids wasted handling and extra packing costs.

Immediate Tracking
With a complete inventory taken on site, you begin a detailed process of tracking the disposition of each item through the entire Cascade retirement process.  You can see the final disposition and recovery value (if applicable) of each asset serviced by Cascade.

Reporting for Compliance and Proper Accounting
Cascade issues an Inventory Receipt Report that can be printed or electronically sent for upload into your CMDB or financial accounting records. This allows you to take these assets off your books and documents a clear transfer of title from your company to Cascade. This report can also be accessed from our online reporting tool, Cascade-Tracker.com.