IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a set of practices to allow for the refurbishment, reuse, disposal, and/or recycling of IT equipment in a secure and environmentally conscious manner. Personal and business devices often end their life in a landfill; however, beyond being wasteful from both cost and environmental standpoints, this also poses serious data security concerns. Whether it’s for mobile devices, office electronics, data center equipment, or personal computers, the ITAD process ensures data is securely erased and equipment is disposed of in a way that minimizes unnecessary costs and environmental impact.


At Cascade Asset Management, we have been a trusted provider of IT asset disposition in the most strictly regulated industries since 1999. We hold advanced credentials, including NAID AAA Certification and are well known for providing the most secure, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions, as evidenced by our customer satisfaction rating of more than 99%.

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