Secure & Cost-Effective IT Asset Disposition for Companies in St. Louis, MO

Pile of obsolete used computers

Handling the IT asset disposition process internally can not only be time-consuming and costly but could also make your company vulnerable to a data leak if it’s not handled properly. That’s where the IT asset management experts at Cascade Asset Management enter the picture. We’ve been providing secure and cost-effective IT asset disposition services since 1999, and we specialize in helping companies in highly regulated industries. Our team can ensure that the unwanted computers, servers, smart devices, and electronics at your St. Louis, Missouri, business are disposed of securely. We’ll take the onus off your employees while ensuring that all data on your devices is securely destroyed.


When you partner with Cascade Asset Management, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having your IT asset disposition handled by a company that is NAID AAA, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001 certified and listed in the Gartner Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition. We will:

  • Visit your facility and create an inventory of your unwanted equipment
  • Transport your assets to our disposition facility and maintain a chain of custody
  • Test unlocked devices and quarantine any locked devices until they can be deregistered
  • Provide secure data destruction

After this process is completed, we will follow your directions for the final disposition of your items. They can be resold through wholesale channels, recycled, donated to charity, redeployed within your company, or returned to a third party.


Cascade Asset Management can ensure that your IT asset disposition process is completed securely. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your St. Louis, MO, offices.