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Refurbishment, repair and reuse

Cascade technicians perform repairs and refurbishment on a wide variety of IT assets to generate cash for our customers.

Cascade can turn your surplus equipment into revenue.

Reusable equipment can be remarketed through our own Cascade Marketplace, our eBay store, or through our wholesale channels. In the life cycle management of IT assets, our rebate program is an essential component of your total cost of ownership. We recognize value and create a return for you.

Our customers can earn more than just peace of mind
Customers earn a rebate based on a percentage of the revenue generated from resale of their equipment processed by us. This rebate is 50% - 70% of the actual resale value of the equipment, not a speculated value.  We are able to assign a current fair market value by regularly communicating with a large network of brokers, buyers, and resellers of IT assets.

We pay our customers more because we value our customers 
You are consistently paid more for your assets with this rebate program than if you were to sell the assets outright. While some brokers may buy equipment from you, they hedge their risk by paying you lower values for your equipment. We pay our customers a percentage of the actual resale price for their equipment. Time and time again, they tell us they get paid more by Cascade.

Enjoy more rebate payment choices 
You can choose to have your rebate paid directly to you, credited to your account and applied against future invoices, or donated.

We are dedicated to maximizing your return
Return on your investment is an integral part of managing your assets. That is why we provide you with the services of our experienced staff. Our trained technicians identify product suitable for resale, refurbish items to enhance value, and resell equipment to markets we have identified that understand the value of the product we sell.

2018 average resale values of refurbished equipment fromCascade

Our customers are provided with electronic reporting
We understand our customers want to know the value of their equipment. That’s why we provide electronic reporting with detailed rebate values that can be integrated with many financial accounting software packages.

Computer equipment depreciates quickly
The longer items sit in storage, the less value we can recover from them. IT equipment loses resale value each month. See more details and use our depreciation calculator on our Fair Market Value page.